Sunday, 7 June 2009

Painting the shop front

I found just the right colour green for the shop front, called Projekt Paint by Plasti-cote. It is a spray can, so very smelly and you need a nice airy place with open doors, or better still outside. It looks like it has worked well so far. The first picture is the first coat going on, the second picture shows the front just after the second application. I've also painted the windows

Note to anyone trying to mask-tape the 'glass' panels on this house before painting: look under the base of the shop front and you will see two very small nail heads. Ease these out with tweezers then remove with plyers. The doors will pop out. Then, if you slide the top piece of wood on each door, it will come out, enabling you to remove the 'glass' and making painting less trickier. Just don't lose the nails.

Talking of nails: remember to wear rubber gloves when using spirit based paints...

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