Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Swan is complete - but the bar remains unstocked...

My 1/144 scale pub, 'The Swan', is complete. I finished adding the bushes, flower boxes and roof ivy today and I love the result.

It is a challenging scale to work with, and is pretty much a case of following the kit instructions. I found it very difficult to be creative. With 1/12 scale, everyday materials can be used to make thrifty items, and the satisfaction that comes with making something from scratch that looks amazing in scale, and that has negligible cost, is priceless.

Not so with 1/144 scale I found. How can I make glasses, wine bottles or food? Perhaps there is a way. If anyone can help me fill the bar I would be grateful!

The last two photos have a penny displayed to better indicate the scale.



  1. Es un trabajo fantastico!!!
    Parece mentira que puedas haber hecho esa maravilla en esa escala tan dificil....GENIAL!!!
    Yo solo me dedico al Polymer Clay, por lo tanto las botellas y vasos las haria con el "translucido", cuando se cuece queda parecido al cristal, siento no poder darte mas ideas.
    besitos ascension

  2. Hola! Precioso y maravilloso trabajo!
    Un abrazo!

  3. You've done a wonderful job of making The Swan Julie. It's full of detail and it's hard to believe that it's so tiny. Hugs, Sandie.


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