Friday, 14 January 2011

Dolls' House Club: stool and some great buys

We each made a stool at dolls' house club this week, using wood, cocktail sticks and some dyed aida. It looks great in the kitchen but I took the picture in the bathroom as the lighting is better.

I picked up some bargains from the 'sale' table: a set of screens for the bedroom and a copper water urn. I also bought (not pictured) three empty plant pots which will come in very useful for the plants I plan to make soon.

Shop: packaging

Some bits of brown tissue paper, cut and folded sharply, then glued, make great little bags to hang off the counter using a short loop of thread. The printed bag was a cut-out from a dolls' house magazine. I added some pink tissue paper and some gold handles using wrapping bits that I've kept from Christmas.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Flowers: red roses

I made the roses from a kit from Ladies Mile Miniatures. Clear instructions helped and everything seems to be in the pack that's needed, apart from the usual tweezers, scissors, pins and other tools. You also need a mousemat type of fabric to help push a shape through the leaves to give them a rounded appearance. The kits are about £5 each and there are 12 roses in this one, with ribbon and leaves, though I've made only six so far.

The kit: