Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Flowers: red roses

I made the roses from a kit from Ladies Mile Miniatures. Clear instructions helped and everything seems to be in the pack that's needed, apart from the usual tweezers, scissors, pins and other tools. You also need a mousemat type of fabric to help push a shape through the leaves to give them a rounded appearance. The kits are about £5 each and there are 12 roses in this one, with ribbon and leaves, though I've made only six so far.

The kit:




  1. ohhh, I need to get one of these kits. Your roses are LOVELY!!

  2. Thank you :) The kits can be quite pricey so it is worthwhile to invest in some punches. I borrowed a set from a friend snd now have enough plant and leave cutouts to fill a mini greenhouse, which is one of my next projects. Thanks for posting :)


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