Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Roses, cheese and sandwiches

I spent last night making pink roses and rosebuds. Tonight I've made a wheel of brie, edam cheese and some cheese salad sandwiches.

I'm pleased with the flowers, the sandwiches and the brie, but not so keen on the edam. It will do as a shelf-filler, with better items more prominent in the shop.

The flowers were made from paper slightly thicker than tissue paper, cut into tiny squares with the edges of one side rounded. I pasted each to a stem (made from florists' wire and green tape, prepared earlier), and rounded the edges of the roses.

The sandwiches and cheese were made from plastic corks. The texture is spongy, just the right look for bread. The cheese and salad are varying bits of yellow and green paper, and the 'tomato' is just a dab of red paint.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Shop floor and brickwork

I've given the floor a second coat of varnish and it's looking much better. I've decided to lay 'floorboards' in the other half of the shop which will be a little trickier as there is a staircase to work around. Meanwhile, I couldn't resist popping some of the furniture in as a dry run!

I've also started to put the brick slips on the wall. This is so time taking but I think it will be worth it. I need to decide on what will sit between the bricks and the rendering.