Sunday, 29 December 2013

A new project - my Georgian mansion

Such a long time without a post... but I've been busy.

I've recently acquired a huge mansion house. It has 12 rooms over four storeys, including a basement and attic. It has taken me some time to fix the lighting system, which is the copper tape type.

There are 64 light bulbs running over two circuits, with 50 and 32 bulb transformers. A soldering iron and mini drill have been great help over the last couple of weeks!

Most of the interior decor is complete and to a great standard, although there are a few finishing touches to make.

Externally is another story. It really needs a makeover as it looks very doll-house, so this is my next task. I want to keep the Georgian style and build on that, however some of the exterior decor will have to go!


I love my new 14-arm chandelier...

I will decorate the two corner spaces as attic storage...