Monday, 13 June 2011

1/144 scale pub - The Swan

Working in 1/12 scale is starting, just starting, to feel intuitive.

The need for attention to detail is one of the draws of this hobby. Head often battles with heart, purist versus 'oh but it looks nice anyway' when a slightly off-scale rogue becomes apparent.

Moving to 1/144 scale feels like I'm starting over. My 2.5 inch high pub will have two floors, furniture and pool tables. It's small, very small. In fact it is perfect scale for a doll house in my 1/12 scale house.

The Swan is made from laser cut wood, 1/32" in some cases.

I've started carpeting and wallpapering, and have just stained the wooden window frames and tiny doors.

The penny is included to help demonstrate scale.

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