Friday, 17 June 2011

A giant step for this dinky house

The smallest of my little houses is a very demanding house and seems to revel in being difficult. Unsticking things, warping wood and mismatched corners. Not my fault of course... ;)

I feel like I am clunking around with a giant's set of tools, smashing a bit here, squeezing something in there.

While it's starting to looking quite pretty, you can probably spot my goofs.

I need to invest in a sharper blade. Mine is dreadful and I'm really regretting starting this house with it. So, the paper cuts around the windows are a little messy, but I will cover those with window boxes and colourful flowers.

I especially love the staircase and the upstairs, very, very cute.

Next to do: furniture, back wall and roof. There are pool tables to make and tiny little gold balls that need painting. There is also a garden to build and fill with flora, garden seats and picnic style tables. Oh, and I need the very tiniest of twigs or stiff stems from the garden to make logs for the fire.


  1. The swan (el cisne) es una preciosidad! Gracias por compartir tus trabajos.
    Un abrazo

  2. Oh my! The scale of that house is just amazing! I love the fireplace and moose head :)


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