Sunday, 10 June 2012

Goodies from York

The York Dollhouse fair was as splendid as ever. Stalls galore and far too much choice. I've now got my routine set. A full walk around, checking against ranges and prices, followed by a cup of tea in the upper concourse, then shopping...

There is a huge range of items that caters for all pockets. I tend to be fairly low end as I find it hard to justify the cost, plus I love to make things. It's a great place for picking up ideas, as a lot of the items, particularly soft furnishings and food, can be made at home, with a bit of practice.

Today I bought a 24count cross stitch cushion pattern. All the threads, fabric, backing and stuffing are includes, even a needle. I also bought two toy kits, both pull-along animals, one a 12 scale and one a 24 scale. The dog and duck need painting first.

Still on the toy theme, I bought two fab kits from Aidan Campbell miniatures. One is a fort and the other a dollhouse. I can feel a toy shop coming on ...

At the workshop I made a pot of delphiniums. I must admit to not knowing that delphiniums even existed so it was an educational workshop on a number of fronts. To the left of the photo above is a set of tols that are used to shape paper, these work well for flower making.


I adore these glasses of lemonade that include lemon slices and straws. And the jug of orange was too cute to walk by. The chair was a bargain at just £2 and the clock is 24 scale for my 1950s house.


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