Saturday, 13 June 2009

I've made great progress over the last couple of days.

The upper parts of the house have been painted in an emulsion mix of white and brown (used up paints in the garage), with sand in to give texture. I like the way this has turned out. The grey part of the side walls and front will be covered with bricks soon.

Then I attached the green window frames, in addition to lintels (top and bottom) on the first floor windows. The edges needed sanding down a little to fit but that was easy.

I reattached the doors after inserting the 'glass', and glued it to the front, then finally glued the tiled canopy, leaving an hour or so in between so the canopy has a solid surface.

Throughout I used PVA glue, it seems to do the trick, is very strong, and excess rubs away easily.

The next tasks are to fit the two hinges, fit the magnet and then start on the brickwork and 'plaster work' for in between the bricks and the sandtex-style paint.

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