Sunday, 10 May 2009

Making things...

I bought 'Making miniature food' by Angie Scarr yesterday. It's a step by step guide and includes cheese, cakes, bread, fruit/veg and meat/fish.

I'll get started on more food soon. Meanwhile, I made some books by printing out the covers in colour and pasting them to some balsa wood. Much quicker than the all-paper versions so I will be able to fill some bookcases a bit more easily than I thought!

I also made a veg punnet out of card, brown paper and some foil. I'll need to distress it a bit when I use it as it looks a bit too squeaky clean. Some pics below include a couple of the steps to make the punnet.

I'm also using sliced corks (the newer, plastic variety) for my brie wheels. They will just need painting while on the top and sides, then texturising.

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