Friday, 10 April 2009

It's arrived, and building has begun

I've now built most of the shell of the house. The guidelines were pretty simple and the trickiest part was inserting the room dividers into an already built, and glued, shell. Next time I'll try inserting these as I fit the different floors. So far I've had to use only glue (PVA), no screws or nails.

I've added the chimney stacks and pots, and also the dormer window frames. I'm not building the front of the house yet because there will be quite a bit of external paintwork that I'll complete before those parts are glued together. It would really make sense to paint and decorate the interior before construction as it will be a bit fiddly, but I think it will be nicer to work from a part-built shell rather than separate bits of wood. Perhaps I'll regret this decision later on!

The next step will be to size the MDF with a mixture of PVA and water, which I have already prepared for tomorrow.

A good afternoon's work :)

Flatpacked in its box.

The shell is built.

Chimney stacks and pots are added.

The roof starts to take shape.

A close-up of the dormer windows.

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