Sunday, 25 May 2014

A new range for the kitchen

I needed a new range for the kitchen, something that would suit the date of the house, which is Edwardian, early 1900s.

Range prices go from under £10 to over £100. The cheaper ones aren't realistic in the least, and the others are out of my price range.

So, I decided to build one myself! I drew up the plans and, with cardboard, mountboard and cocktail sticks, began to create. The pictures below show the steps I took. I'm pleased with it but I do think it would look better in a chimney breast. I may add to it further in time.

Making the range ...

Making the range ...





  1. Hi Julie, Just found your blog, I love your kitchen range and thanks for showing your steps in making it, your kitchen is superb. I do think a chimney breast as you said would look even better. I must go and explore your blog more now, have a lovely week.


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