Monday, 28 November 2011

A meaty workshop...

There were three workshops at York fair: making a brace of pheasants, a chicken dinner, and dressing a small toy. I took part in the first two.

The brace of pheasants workshop (£10) was hosted by Solway Miniatures. Think glue and feathers and you can imagine the state of our workstations! We created two practice pheasants and were provided with more than enough materials to make another pair at home. That was a nice touch.

The second workshop (£6), making a roast chicken dinner, was held by Tumdee Miniatures. All of the food was made with air-dry clay, and the porcelain plate was provided. We coloured the chicken with ground chalk, using a darker colour for the 'roast' bits. The herby topping is made from green tea leaves. We were again provided with more than enough materials to make this again at home - great value.

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  1. Julie - feathers and glue!!!!! Oh goodness, how brave you are, and what great results you obtained too. Well done!!! Great opportunities to attend those classes, how fortunate you were. I would get into such a mess with feathers and glue but it would be well worth it I know.


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