Sunday, 31 July 2011

Shopping as it used to be

My 1/12 scale 1950s-style haberdashery department, soon to become part of a shopping emporium, is looking quite sweet.

Creating the scene brought back some lovely memories of Binns, Sunderland's department store which sadly closed in the 1980s. Binns was a shopper's delight, a real department store with wonderful displays, dedicated staff and stocked full of quality merchandise. Sadly, proper department stores of its ilk are becoming rarer.

I've now to fill one of the cabinets with wool and bolts of fabric, then it is ready for display with the other 9 departments in early September. Photos of the full display will follow.


  1. Una merceria muy completa, a las que nos gustan las labores estas tiendas tienen algo especial.
    Un abrazo

  2. How lovely and it sure brings back memories of when service was a fact and you could actually buy things that were different from different stores. And when you could actually sit down on a chair when you were tired. You have put a lot of detail into this and it looks great. Well done.

  3. I have just spent most of my morning reading the whole of your blog which is a testament to its worth! Well done you. I can't begin to imagine the patience required to paint, cut and stick all the house bricks let alone the other stuff you've gone on to do. Like you I am a relative newbie so I gobble up stuff like this for all its brilliant ideas. Many thanks. This is a link to the first house I did last year between April and October
    and this is the link to my new project waiting for me back home.
    Thanks again I shall be adding you to my list of blogs to follow.
    Marilyn (Florida and UK)


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