Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bedroom: decorating just about complete

The bedroom is just about ready. I've added skirting board, picture rail and cornicing, all mitre cut. All that's outstanding is to make a door frame and a door, and touch up the ceiling where I have missed bits.

The carpet is a sticky back fabric sheet which I bought at Dolly Foster dolls houses shop in Sunderland earlier this week. I used the same method of fitting paper to the floor and using this as a template.

While I was at the shop I decided to buy a bed rather than make one. This one is in wood and is seems good value for £6.75.

This room needs lots of fabric accessories, including bedding and clothing, and dressing table items, pictures and mirrors.


  1. It is coming together so wonderfully! I love the glow of the pink when the light is on and the bed was an excellent buy. I enjoy making furniture, but when you see how cheap it can be to buy sometimes for a far nicer product, one wonders why spend the money on materials.

  2. Thank you! I'm pleased with the colour choice too. I'll enjoy making things for this room!


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