Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cheese counter and bakery

It is so easy to overbake polymer clay. However with a little glue, ribbon and brown woolly bits - and a bit of imagination - I've managed to rescue the mini cheddar rounds and transform them into chocolate cakes.

Most of the other items were rescuable with a bit of paint. The better ones sit at the front and the ones with faults at the back.

I also made some breads from air drying clay, and I used acrylic paint washes for colour. Some corks, cut and painted, have been added to bulk out the cheese counter.

I still need more shop items but enough is enough for now. I'll pick up, or make more, when I see specific items that I want to create.

This weekend I'm going to choose between the lounge and the kitchen as my next room. I plan to put a false wall under the kitchen stairs, which face the front of house, so that I can built shelves inside and create a bit of depth. It's an idea I spotted in a dolls house magazine.

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