Sunday, 13 September 2009


A food shop, that's what its going to be. Selling exactly what I'm not sure, but I've learned that there were wine shops and cheese shops in Victorian times, so I'll merge the two with some upmarket groceries.

Pictures of old Victorian food shops show intricate fittings and shelves to the ceilings: an overall efficient use of space.

Today I decided that I'd fit out the shop as well as use my freestanding furniture. I bought some basswood which is fairly easy to cut to shape (and would likely be even easier if I wasn't using a hacksaw).

Newly acquired skirting boards and cornicing came in very useful. The skirting board, backed with lolly sticks, fixed to a length of basswood makes a great frontage to the fitted units. Some cornicing has enabled the shelf to sit neatly and squarely on top.

I've cut out two strips for the shelf side supports, and three shelves. The lights will sit either side of this centre unit. So as not to have the centre shelves too dark, I'm shaping the bottom of the supports.

Next I will cut a facia to give the impression that the unit and shelves are fitted, rather than freestanding.

The rough plan:

The skirting fitted (with modification to fit over a raised floorboard):

The cutaways on the supports:

These glasses are made of real glass:

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